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Office: 04-667 Warszawa, ul.Trakt Lubelski 360 A
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MOTOR-LIFE is a chemically-reacted synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivative metal conditioner containing a unique stable carbon chain length and high molecular weight properties that conditions and protects metal surfaces with a constant synthetic-based impregnated molecular bond. MOTOR-LIFE contains synthetic esters base stocks, anti-wear additives, anti-oxidants, extreme pressure compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons and a natural anti-corrosion system. This anti-corrosion system is incorporated during the synthesis process and is organically bound during the proprietary chemical reactor process. MOTOR-LIFE has a viscosity equal to a SAE 10 weight oil that is clear in appearance. MOTOR-LIFE contains no solids, PTFE's, solvents, metals, fluorine, zinc, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, viscosity enhancers, carrier oils, and does not require agitation before use, as a result, there is not risk of filters or oil channels getting jammed, and neither are there any problems with heat discharge. MOTOR-LIFE is also non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-combustible.
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